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Exclusive: Trump Doesn't Want the Wall

Post #8, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

In a previous post to my Subscription Commentary, I tried to point out to the Democrats that it is not in their interest for Trump to get rid of his unpopular Administration staff like EPA Director Scott Pruitt, Interior Secretary Ryan Zeinke, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, and now Executive Staff William Miller. Admittedly, all are terribly unpopular and some have potentially serious crimes pending. But the Democrats need them in place to attack during the just around the corner mid terms. Without them, the Dem;s have no targets.

The same principle applies to President Trump and his controversial "Wall" between Mexico and the United States. First, his brash claim that he will make Mexico will pay for it will never be kept, no matter what. So if he got a wall, he would be criticized because it would have come from hard earned U. S. dollars, not from Mexico.

The second reason Trump cannot afford to get the wall, is what he will have left with which to attack the Democrats. If they give him the wall, he will not have a rallying cry for his based. Trump's response was accidentally revealed when Senator Angus King (I., RI) said the Senate offered Trump the wall in exchange for DACA. Trump realizing his issue would be gone, said no and said the deal was dead. Trump does not need or want the wall for what is important to him--keeping his based engaged. He needs an unbuilt wall for that.


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