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Questions for the Candidates for Florida Governor

Post #10, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

As I previously did for the race for U. S. Senate in Florida, I am offering sample questions that I think will help us make an informed decision on the race for Governor. Since the primaries have yet to be decided, these questions will apply to both the Republican and Democratic candidates. The questions:

1. Budget. The current budget is $82.42 Billion, which reflects a modest increase of $260 Million. Since our Constitution requires a balanced budget, where do you propose increases and/or cuts to that budget? To help you, here is the current allocation--Health 41%; Education 29%; Environment 17%; Criminal Justice 5%; General Government 5% and Judiciary .62%.

2. Education. The Scott Administration and the Republican Legislature have supported vouchers of public dollars for private education in lieu of major increases for public education. Do you? Explain.

3. Immigration. The Trump Administration is challenging "Sanctuary Cities" for providing support for Immigration. By his actions, he supports separating kids from their families at the border. This action directly affects state and local resources. Do you support that action? Why and why not?

4. Off Shore Oil Drilling. Do you support this under any circumstances? Explain.

5. Ethics. Should Legislative Staff have to wait a period of time before being eligible to lobby, like legislators? Explain your position.

Lastly, what is the single reason I should support you and not support each of your opponents?

Please be specific in your answers. No talking points. Answers in writing.

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