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The Greatest Strikeout Ever

Post # 13, Bob McKnight's Subscriber Commentary

" No one has ever struck out like that before."

We are in the heart of baseball season so perhaps a tie in with the great pastime is appropriate. "Three Strikes and your out." President Trump looked at the first pitch which was on international trade and tariffs. Against all advice of both Democrats and Republicans and all our world trading partners, he imposed crippling tariffs on American Consumers. Prices going up. Strike One.

The next pitch to Trump was the heralded meeting of Trump and Kim Jong-un on disarming North Korean nukes. Trump had spread the word that he wanted the Noble Peace Prize for this one. Oops we got nothing. Strike Two.

OK, everything was riding the last pitch. This was the meeting between Trump and Russia's Putin. Trump fudged a little by chocking up and meeting with Putin for two hours in advance and in private, reviewing their scripted press conference. Aggghhhh. Wiff. Strike Three.

Walking back to the dugout knowing of his constituents disappointment with his performance, Trump reverted to what he always does and knows best--lying. He said it was a great at bat and everyone is talking about it. "No one has ever struck out like that before."


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