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Scott's Answer on the Green Slime Crime

Post #16, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

Scott says he has known about the Green Slime, doing nothing, for 6 of his 8 years.

Governor Rick Scott allegedly refuses to visit Martin County to see the Green Slime first hand. Keep in mind, he is busy campaigning to become our U.S. Senator in Washington, which makes his ducking a Martin County visit even more amazing. So, in a recent campaign stop on the West Coast, Scott was asked directly what he has done about the Green Slime.

Scott Responsibilities and Authority:

Scott has been in office for 8 years, with direct responsibility for the following (among other responsibilities):

  • Recommend a budget to the Legislature.

  • Responsible for protecting our environment.

  • Responsible for requesting federal support for Florida.

  • Responsible for all executive actions (including requesting help from the legislature and courts) necessary to protect our state and Floridians.

Scott's Answer to the Green Slime:

Scott, said 'although he has known about the Red Tide on the West Coast for years, he has just now requested research money. He said he has known about the Green Slime for years, but said the responsibility for fixing the problem is the federal government. He said for 6 of his years as governor, President Obama denied the money and now President Trump is going to fund it.' The Congress appropriates the money, not the President.

Comments on Scott's Answer:

1. By Scott's own admission, he has known about the problem and did nothing for 6 years.

2. He has requested no state or federal legislation to correct the problem for 6 years.

3. He has requested no rules from his appointments to the Department of Environmental Protection nor the Water Management Districts, for their fiduciary responsibilities to solve the major environmental problem.

4. He has requested no support from the Florida Delegation to Congress for the problem for 6 years.

5. He continues to accept record campaign contributions from the alleged polluters responsible for the Green Slime.

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