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A Choice Mr. President

Post #20, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

It Must Start By Stopping the Lies.

August 21st is a day that will be remembered in history. The two guilty pleas to multiple felons by President Trump's closest aides will change history for ever. It would appear that the Cohen felonies could have the most immediate impact on the Presidency.

But without speculating on future legal developments, I think it is fair to say that our President now has a choice.

  • He can continue lying and fanning the deep divisions in our country based on political parties, race, the environment, gender, the disabled and vindictiveness. He can continue to dispatch his clown Rudy Guilianai to spew more lies and insane opinions.

  • Or, recognizing that the country is on the brink of civil unrest and violence, he can step forward and become a leader. He can declare that he has a job to do and the courts have their job. He can lay the past behind him, and pledge to carry out his duties as he promised at his swearing in. The economy is booming, his Administration can focus on the areas they care about--court appointments, ending conflicts in Iran, Syria, Yemen, and now North Korea. With an honorable turnaround, albeit for a short time, I would pledge to support the President whenever I can. But it must start with a total cessation of the lies. Period.

Come on Mr. President. This country has been good to you. Make a good chocie.


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