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Russia and China

Post # 22, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

Their War Games Just Sent Washington up a Defcon.

In America, our concern about Joint Military Exercises has been focused on our annual War Games with South Korea. Without getting anything in return, President Trump volunteered to drop the exercises (and without consulting with our partner, South Korea) saying they cost too much. General Mattus recently said we will start the War Games up again, since North Korea torpedoed any reduction in their nuclear warheads. We were told by the President that the North Korean nukes were no longer a concern.

Not surprising, President Trump proceeded to reverse General Mattus's decision. Once again, mixed signals from America is opening up some nasty mischief from some old enemies.

A large Joint Military Exercise is being discussed by Russia and China. The total troops involved will be over a million. Russia who has sought this joint venture for some time, feels that Trump cannot remove the Congress pushed sanctions, and are now going forward. The sanctions were America's response to Russia unauthorized annexation of Crimea and violence in eastern Ukraine. The impetus for China's entry into the War Games has been Trump's herald sanctions,, which he has described as " easy."

Perhaps this dangerous situation will finally get the attention of the President and Congress. We just went up a Defcon in Washington.

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