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Scott's Waterfront Home on the Slime

Post #24, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary.

"Maybe the voters will return Scott to his Naples waterfront home on the Slime."

Eight years ago Rick Scott's campaign slogan was "Let's Get to Work." It turns out the work he apparently had in mind was to eliminate environmental regulations. The results of his work are seen all over Florida--green slime killing our state fishery, natural resources, and our tourist industry.

He is now scrambling to blame any and everyone he can find for his decision to gut the state water management regulations of Lake Okeechobee. His campaign has made it a point to stay away from evidence of his actions--Stuart, Vero Beach, Ft. Myers, and even his home in Naples. Unfortunately the evidence keeps washing up on the shoreline of the Peninsula.

As I have said in many columns, Op Ed's and even my book, The Golden Years...The Florida Legislature, '70's and '80's, the problem is not new. It started with the Corps of Engineers digging the maze of canals south of the Lake to both the Atlantic and Gulf shores. By not adequately regulating the flow of pollution into the Lake, the crises was born in the early 50's. I personally filed a bill in the Florida House of Representatives to terminate the back pumping of waste into the Lake in the early '70's.

In 2010, Rick Scott comes along with no government experience and a naive view of environmental law, to eviscerate the South and Southwest Florida Water Management Districts. The damage was not apparent immediately, but it was certain to happen.

So in his zeal to create jobs, he has left us a legacy of death among our natural resources. Maybe the voters will return him to his Naples waterfront home on the slime.


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