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Bogus Answer

Post # 28, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

We are now the only country no longer joining the fight against Global Warming.

Both political parties seem to mimic their "talking points." Case in point is President Trump on 60 Minutes last night saying, after the worst Hurricane ever hits Florida's Panhandle, 'I didn't say man isn't contributing to this, I just said the information is not complete.' By coincidence Florida's Junior U.S. Senator Marco Rubio said the exact same thing on an earlier TV news interview the same day. Both said with sadness, 'until it is certain, I don't want to do anything that will hurt jobs.' Bogus answer.

Virtually all the science from Trump's own Administration, as well as that of the informed world in the Paris Climate Agreement, have said that the heating of the planet is causing the weather disasters, at least to some degree. Keep in mind, in recent years it is not just Hurricanes. It is Typhoons in the Pacific, raging Wild Fires in the west, Earthquakes all over Europe, Oil Spills all over the Oceans, and melting Ice glaciers in the North Pole. With Syria now signing the Paris Agreement on Global Warming, we are the only country no longer helping lead the fight against it. Hard to believe but true.

About the phony jobs argument, did Steve Jobs say, "you know if we launch the smart phone technology, we might disrupt a few jobs in the telegraph industry?" Trump and Rubio's argument about threatening jobs makes the same kind of sense. If we need to re-engineer our affect on the climate, let's do so with industry and create a zillion new jobs. We weren't exploring space when President Kennedy said, 'Let's land on the Moon.' We pulled together, created jobs galore, and landed on the Moon...that was 50 years ago. Come on guys, let's get serious.

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