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Who is Right?

Post #32, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

"Why Don't You Take This One. I Can Get The Next One?"

With the election finally over--at least for another 2 years, we have a chance to look carefully at ourselves. Never mind where we were as a great, united country, perhaps going back to right after 9-11 or all the way back to World War II. Today the divisions are so deep, friends are turning against each other. I cannot remember the last time a major politician used humor in remarks. Will Rogers always said humor was essential to effective leadership. So let's look directly at three of our major differences and see if we can acknowledge them, and then start coalescing. .

Truth versus Win at any Cost. Unlike any President before, Donald Trump lies. He has said lying is imperative for him to win. I reject that position and feel the Republicans have violated their Oath of Office by not speaking against Trump's plethora of lies. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R., Ga.)did more to destroy bi-partisanship in our country, with his insistence on 'Win at any Cost." Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Ca.) is always looking for a fight, not solutions. We need to demand the truth, regardless of who wins or loses.

Individual versus Group. The left has abandoned individual responsibility and opportunity for welfare for the masses. I reject that. The focus of individuals or groups really boils down to the clash of capitalism versus socialism. I believe capitalism is the backbone of our American success and freedom. I further believe individual capitalism has so much potential that it can help groups succeed.. I believe the failure of minorities to participate in entrepreneurial success is the biggest short coming of capitalism in our country. .

Organic Growth versus Mandated Redistribution. This is the heart of the dispute between many blacks and whites.. I would argue that both are possible, if discrimination is removed from the equation. Inclusive and aggressive capitalism can drive voluntary and a healthy redistribution of resources. What if there were an honor roll of major companies voluntarily increased the minimum wage, like some of the high tech companies have been doing?

The fight will end and the coalescing will start when a major leader recognizes the other side's position and concedes the issue to an opponent. The quote above is an example of what our country wants to hear. Don't gripe. Do this.


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