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Dr. Jim Zingale

Post #39, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

Congratulations on an Outstanding Appointment, Governor-Elect.

I have advocated for many years that newcomers to Florida politics give consideration to involving public officials from the Golden Years of the Florida Legislature--the '70's and '80's in their state work.. Few have seen the wisdom in my suggestion. Certainly our current Governor ignored it. And the effectiveness of his Administration reflect that ignorance.

Now comes new Governor-Elect Ron DeSantis (R., Fl.) who has never served in Tallahassee. To his credit, he has made several bi-partisan appointments in his new Administration. But even better, he has drawn back into public service one of my real favorites from my time of service some 37 years ago--Dr. Jim Zingale. Jim was number two in the Florida Department of Revenue under the venerable Joe Cresse back then. Jim had just taken his PhD. from Florida State University and was eager to help the Legislature solve funding challenges, on both sides of the aisle.

I also had the pleasure of his welcoming me back to Tallahassee in a neighborhood party several years ago. Jim will be a leader in the DeSantis Administration. I hope the Governor-Elect and his senior staff will recognize it. Congratulations on an outstanding appointment Governor-Elect.

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