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A Federal Worker Could Snap

Post #43, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

"This is a real danger."

Our Federal Government has been closed for a month. Critics of government have said that we are getting along fine without this massive cost. There are no negotiations to settle the dispute nor to even plan to meet to settle. Both sides are betting that they will win public support for their position. They are citing examples of hardships among the Federal employees, which is compelling for all of us. But there is no movement to resolve the impasse.

Now, what if the worst happens? What if a Federal Worker, who has not received their earned pay for several weeks, snaps? They have family and personal needs, as do we all. What if a Federal Worker takes the crisis into his or her owns hand? It could affect the delivery of services or worse.

Although awful to say, this is what this closing of our government may come to for those affected, at least in their minds, to make our leaders take the matter seriously. I pray it does not come to this, but now that I have aired the possibility, I strongly encourage the two parties to re-open our Federal Government. A dangerous incident is a real possibility.

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