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Governor No Tweet

Post # 45, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

I previously opined about then Congressman Ron DeSantis' impressive education, with a degree from Yale and a law degree from Harvard. To his credit, he served his country as a Judge Advocate in our Navy.

Perhaps that is why I was so surprised to read in his own words on roughly why he was qualified to serve as our next Governor--because President Trump willed it so. DeSantis was also alleged to pander to some racist groups in the past, although he denied it.

So, I guess you could say I was apprehensive about the start of his service as our new Governor. Thus far, I have been impressed with his independence (of Governor Scott's last second appointments), his quiet yet focused carrying out of the office, and perhaps best of all, the absence of tweets. I do not think anything debases any chief executive more than pandering to the spreading of inarticulate, grammatically in error, non-fact, rumors. To his credit, our Governor is beyond Tweets--he will be well served in doing so.

Governor DeSantis is starting a journey of at least four years, on what appears to be solid footing. We should support him and wish him well.


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