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Post # 46, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

"Educate Yourself Before Reaching Out for That New, Shiny Object Called Socialism."

First, full disclosure. My family had a small business that was very successful. I have both a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Business Administration. I was recruited out of graduate school by IBM, the only member of my class to do so. Aside from politics, my career has been in business-real estate development and benefits administration. So it is fair to say I believe in Capitalism. Deeply.

As a matter of fact, I have spoken often about the acute need of moving Capitalism into minority communities as a long term solution for racism. I believe in individual responsibility, but I am realistic to understand that not all of start from the place in life. I have supported and still do, creative and innovative ways of jump starting opportunities for minorities. I open to mentoring, joint ventures, outsourcing, and almost anything legal, short of give aways. I believe home ownership is one of the most significant achievements in any society and feel extraordinary efforts should be considered for that goal.

But I do not believe Socialism is compatible with Capitalism. With some exceptions, most advancing Socialism has never experienced the success of business. Many have not even tried, and that is really a tragedy. But then again, Capitalism generally requires hard work and good fortune. Many fail in business, but continue trying. Significantly, success in business, even if marginal, is so much more rewarding than a hand out.

So to my fellow Democrats, educate yourselves before reacting to that bright, shiny new object called Socialism. The alternative has served a free America well for a long time.


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