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The Wall

Post # 47, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

Why Are You Surprised?

All right, put yourself in Donald Trump's shoes on the Wall. Here are your givens:

1. The only thing important to him is to win re-election (he has no interest in governing).

2. His base of say 35-40% is his support. No more, no less. They will be there if he is. If he gets another candidate in the race like Shultz, who will take the Democratic votes, he should be able to win with only his base--because they WILL vote for him.

3. He has struck out on earlier promises--Mexicans will pay for the Wall; Close down the government to build the Wall; Even with both Houses of Congress, he can't get the Wall. He needs a way to build the himself, without any hassle.

4. He needs a clear symbol for the re-election--that is easy to understand-- it is the Wall. Keep those awful people away from us. It can be a shiny, handsome Wall seeming to go the the sky and the heavens. Religious help too.

5. Declaring an Emergency works, because he can move money where ever he wants. And a court challenge is perfect--it will string the hullaballu out through the election. Us against them. Perfect.

For Trump, it is really obvious. Declare an Emergency and Build the Wall. Why are you surprised?

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