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$177 Million Lost in Florida

Post # 48, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

Why Take our Money When The Declaration Did Not Have To Be Done?

I am aware of very few people that really think we have an National Emergency at our Western Border. That apparently includes our President who after declaring the Emergency, then said on national TV, "He didn't have to do this."

As I said in my last Commentary, declaring the Emergency does make political sense for the President to create a high profile litigation controversy during the 2020 Campaign. It is a perfect 'David and Goliath' narrative.

So, now that we have our government complying with the Presidential Order, we find where he is going to get the money to build his Wall, since Congress (including his Republican dominated Senate) will not appropriate the money. Trump said the Generals at the Pentagon offered up the following sacrifice projects in Florida--I wonder if that is true?

The Republican Congressman representing those diversions are shown since they are of the same political party as Trump, in addition to Republicans Senator Rick Scott and Marco Rubio:

MacDill AFB (Tampa) $35 M--Congressmen Ross Spano and Vern Buchanan

Mayport (Jacksonville) $83 M--Congressman John Rutherford

Elgin AFB (Okaloosa County) $63 M--Congressmen Matt Gaetz and Neal Dunn

That is $177 Million worth of Florida funds legally appropriated by Congress being taken from us, that our Republican Representatives have said little or nothing in protest.

Why was it necessary to take the funds if Trump said the Declaration didn't have to be done in the first place?

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