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Immigration Backfire

Post # 50, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

Republicans will yield their Constitutional Powers of the Purse to the Executive Branch.

Among the damages done by the President manufacturing an Immigration Crisis on our border are the following:

  • Diversion of government resources from important missions for a politic gimmick.

  • Separation and ultimately breaking up of Immigrant families.

  • Destruction of the Dreamer Program.

  • Loss of important labor resources for border businesses.

  • Division of support among members of Congress.

  • Destruction of important foreign relationships, including Mexico, Canada and NATO.

  • Falling into the terrorist traps of discrimination and dissension among poor people of color.

Now another unfortunate backfire of this decision by President Trump---this time mostly affecting his own Party, the Republicans. . Even though the Congress, including many Republicans, urged him not to declare an emergency to advance the building of a 10 Billion Wall, the President ignored the advice. The House voted 245-182, including 13 Republicans, to over-ride his Declaration. The Senate may very well vote to over-ride, with probably between 4-10 Republican defections--the latest defection being Trump ally Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. Trump, will no doubt veto the measures, and the Courts will settle the jurisdiction of funding government issue. In the meantime, Republicans will yield their Constitutional powers of the purse to the Executive Branch, which could leave a permanent stain on the Party. One could ask, why do we even need a Legislative Branch if they don't have the power of the purse? All of this because of Trump's decision, that he said himself, "wasn't necessary."

Immigration Backfire.


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