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Korean Military Exercises

Post # 51, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

"We have kept South Korea and that region of the world protected for almost 70 years. We should not abandon it because of a lie."

By most accounts, President Donald Trump exaggerates or outright lies over 15 times a day since becoming our President. It was worse when he was campaigning, as he is now. So, it is not surprising that he cites data without any evidence that the military exercises with South Korea cost the US over $100 million a year. Pentagon watchers say the price tag is about $14 million, and South Korea continues to pick up a greater share of the cost, including paying for 1/2 the 28,000 person US military presence in South Korea.

So why does our President lie to us about trying to reducer our military readiness in Korea? Because Russia wants us out of South Korea, and has for a long time--for Russia itself and its' propping up their subsidiary, North Korean dictator Kim Il Sung.

As readers of my commentary know, I was stationed with the U.S. Army I Corps near the DMZ in Korea at the time of the Pueblo Incident in the late 60's. We had the military exercises every year with South Korea and they were integral to our preparation for defense of South Korea and that region of the world. We have kept the region safe for almost 70 years, and it does not make sense to abandon that bastion of protection because of a lie. From our President no less.

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