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Hard to Believe

Post # 52, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

When the Florida Legislature is in Session, we often hear the expression, "Now I have heard everything." Well, here goes again:

Under Governor Rick Scott's (R, FL) Administration, agencies at all levels apparently often took exception to citizens petitioning their government for public information. If a public information request was made under Chapter 120 of the Florida Statutes dealing with the Administrative Procedures Act, our government is on record having filed a Civil law suit against the individual making the request. Yes, a tax paying citizen is sued by their own government for asking for public information from their government. In a Democracy no less. Hard to believe. It is even harder to believe that elected representatives actually support such government action as suing it's citizens over a public records request..

Representative Ray Rodriques (R., Ft. Myers) and Senator Keith Perry (R., Gainesville) have filed bills to correct the situation. Incredibly, all the House Democrats in one House Committee hearing HB 407/SB 602 voted against it, citing the litigation option for government as an important "part of their tool box," quoting Rep. Margaret Good (D., Sarasota) from press accounts. Huh?

I make another call for Senator Bob Graham (D., FL.) and Congressman Lou Frey's (R, FL) Civics Program as required in all Florida public schools.

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