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Mueller Hearings on Collusion Will Re-Elect Trump. Obstruction is an Issue.

Post # 53, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

By all accounts, except of Donald Trump, Robert Mueller is an outstanding lawyer with unquestionable integrity. He has had over 2 years, a zillion of the best lawyers helping him, and a gazillion dollars to investigate the Collusion issue. His finding is there wasn't any by Trump. It should end there. To spend more time on Collusion by the Democrats will only just re-elect Donald Trump as President.

But not obstruction. Mueller did not opine on that and it is still a very serious issue for the country. No one is above the law and obstruction of justice is a crime. If the Special Counsel says it is outside of his charge, then the investigation should be conducted by the appropriate agency. If not by the Executive Branch, then by the Legislative Branch.

Seems pretty clear to me.

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