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10 Days

Post # 54. Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

Donald Trump said he and the public did not know of Session's possible recusal. Not true.

President Trump complains loudly and often that if he knew his first Attorney General Jeff Sessions was going to recuse himself from the Russian Investigation into the Trump Campaign he never would have appointed him. False. Trump knew about the recusal possibility a full 10 days before he was even sworn in as President.

A time line will show when Sessions told the public that he might recuse himself. Although the recusal statement was public, Trump might try and say he and all his Administration missed the announcement. He is not known for reading or acknowledging facts. But look at the dates:

1/10/17 After the election, the Senate started confirmation hearings on Trump's major appointments. Trump had not been sworn in as President yet. In answer to question from Chairman Grassley, Sessions said, "I believe the proper thing for me to do would to recuse myself..."

1/20/17 Donald Trump sworn in as President.

3/2/17 Public announcement made by Sessions: "I have decided to recuse myself from any existing or further investigations of any matters related in any way to the campaigns for President of the United States."

5/17/17 Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appoints Robert Mueller as Special Investigator will seeping investigative powers.

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