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Trump new BFF--Putin over Bibi?

Post # 55, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

As he completes his first full term as President, Donald Trump has proven his loyalty to 2 individuals--Vladimir Putin of Russia and Bibi Netanyahu of Israel. Critics would say his loyalty to these 2 individuals has been at the expense of America.

But, there appears to be a reckoning coming for Trump. He must decide whether to support Putin or Netanyahu because a conflict between the two is now occurring in Syria. Consider

Israel's greatest enemy is Iran. Iran is starting to take over control of Syria, Israel's geographic neighbor.

Putin has long pushed American to let it eradicate ISIS in Syria, and both Obama and Trump fell for it because it would not cause US military casualties. Putin is thrilled that Trump decided to abandon Syria altogether. Iran is thrilled with Trump's action.

So it appears Trump has selected Putin as his BFF and left Netanyahu and Israel with Iran solidly in Syria, out in the cold. And now more rumors that Putin's money is why Trump won't release his taxes, like he said he would...repeatedly.


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