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Stop Tweating. Start Reading.

Post # 58, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

'Be Best, Mr. President.'

Mrs. Trump

It is well known that President Trump's constant flow of tweets highlight his poor writing skills, spelling, punctuation, and grammar. His lies and mis-speaks on finances and projections are largely ignored by the press. But it is the President's failure to read that seems to draw the most criticism of his ability to serve as an informed President.

Over the weekend, the French Ambassador, Gerard Araurd called Trump 'a Big Mouth Who Reads Basically Nothing.' The President brags about his Ivy League education but apparently he has gone to great lengths directing Michael Cohen to hide his transcripts and educational records. The President freely admits that his opinions are largely shaped by television commentary, coming almost exclusively from FOX News.

So perhaps Trump's reading deficiency answers the question about why he changed his tune about the Mueller Report in less than 24 hours. Upon release of the Report, Trump aide Kelly Anne Conway boasted that this was Trump's greatest day since his election. Trump himself called it "Total Exoneration." My guess is he did not read the Report when released (nor probably now). But with more details being found now, Trump's description of the Report 1 day later is still TOTAL, but now the second word is BULL S____T.

Criticism of Trump from the Report ranges widely, from Republican Senator Mitt Romney, as "sickened" to actor Robert DeNiro, as "loser." Only Attorney General Robert Barr seems to be boasting about the President upon release of the Report, and that is surprising because Barr wrote none of the Report.

Reading helps us learn Mr. President.


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