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Presidential Track Records

Post #59, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

Most Americans seem to have a singular identity with each of our Presidents--either good or bad, but seldom both. But upon closer look, all of our Presidents from the mid 20th Century until today have at least some very contrasting identities.

Perhaps the one that most often comes to mind is that of President John F. Kennedy. Most would identify with his idealism, military service (PT 109), his service in Congress, the Head Start Program, the Peace Corps, and the commitment to Space Travel. Only his critics remember that he was a back bencher in Congress, he was late in supporting Civil Rights, he abandoned freedom seeking Cubans at the Bay of Pigs, and he made an ill advised commitment in Vietnam. Perhaps the most disturbing identity is his lack of fidelity to his wife. He will always be remembered for his tragic assassination. Here is my "Devil's Advocate" look at our Presidents since 1948 to today:

President Perhaps Best Remembered For But on the Other Hand

Truman Authorized Bombs on Japan. Truman Doctrine (fight communists)

Eisenhower Criticized Military Industrial Complex Made first commitment to Vietnam

Kennedy Known as Camelot. Authorized the Bay of Pigs Blunder

Johnson Passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Committed US to Vietnam War

Nixon Watergate Scandal Relations with China.

Ford Pardoned Nixon ; Restored Energy Independence

Carter Iran Hostages Camp David Peace Accords

Reagan Restored American Pride Illegal Contras Funding

Bush I Lost Re-Election. Unified Germany

Clinton Indicted. Economic Recovery

Bush II No WMD. Led Country through 9/11

Obama Orator . Snookered by Putin in Syria.

Trump Stock Market Record Lying

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