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Now What?

Post # 60, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

Collusion. Obstruction. Serious Findings but the only option is for House to Impeach, which will never be tried in Senate. The Election will be the Answer for resolution.

The long awaited Mueller Report is out and now thoroughly reviewed. The conclusion seems to rest on what was the charge to the Special Counsel from the Department of Justice. Robert Mueller said that since the DOJ cannot charge the President under their rules, all Mueller could do is present the evidence. He said he expected the Report to be reviewed by Congress which is the only body that act on it, while Trump is in office. Perhaps the Framers of the Constitution did not anticipate such a deeply divided Congress--The House standing ready to Impeach, the Senate refusing to consider a Trial.

In that vacuum, we have the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General opining on their own that there is no Collusion nor Obstruction. At this writing, the AG is refusing to release the un-redacted Report to Congress, and he takes the position that if Mueller would have found enough evidence to indict, he would have recommended it.

Now the drama shifts to Robert Mueller being called before the House Judiciary Committee, who is seeking his position on culpability for Trump on both Collusion and Obstruction charges. With Mueller's testimony of interest to the Democrats, switcharoo Donald Trump now says Meuller should not tesify in the House. My guess is that Mueller will defer to Congress and the House will run the risk of trying to Impeach the President during an election, which will actually help Trump in the polls.

But, since there are other very serious charges affecting Trump's family and businesses, it is very likely that the House will shift their focus to those investigations. They will make every effort to look at alleged abuses that Never Trump Republicans will find offensive like the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, sexual indiscretions, business fraud, slanderous tweets, and lying under oath.

Trump in turn will fight like a Banshee. His base will not leave him, and it will probably grow somewhat. The market is up. We are winding down some of our military commitments, and if a third party candidate like Howard Schwartz of Starbucks fame is in the race, Trump stands a good chance of winning a second term. The Democrats will probably assist Trump by pushing a far left agenda that is out of touch with Middle America. They will not be able to control their contempt for Trump, although they will try.

This will be a test of our Democracy for the Ages.

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