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Putin...again...and again.

Post #61, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

Putin's shoes keep dropping with no end in sight.

Vladimir Putin is a career spy. He was trained by the KGB. And he feels he is on a mission to restore Russia's pre-eminence in the world, particularly by attacking democracies. He started with his second election in 2012. His clandestine work chronology, since that election:

2015. French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drain said the Russians interfered with the French Election.

2015. Putin protests Russia's exclusion from NATO.

2015: Eric Trump told the press that all their development financing came from Russia.

2016: New President Donald Trump attacks NATO.

2016. English Prime Minister David Cameron said the Russians interfered with the Brexit vote.

2016. U.S. Intelligence Agencies unanimously, except for President Trump, said Russia interfered with our Presidential election.

2016. Numerous political operatives with Putin ties became part of Trump campaign team.

2017. Putin had financial ties to Trump appointed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

2019. Mueller Report confirms Russian interference with 2016 election.

2019. William Barr, with significant Russian connects, appointed AG by Trump.

2019. Trump's Security Agencies say nothing has been done to blunt Russian interference with 2020 U.S. Election.

Putin is calling the political shots in growing conflicts within Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Yemen, among other hot spots around the world, so it hard to deny his success...and that includes within the U.S. and Europe.


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