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Trump 2020

Post # 62, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

...he is clever and has an amazing sense of people's inherent evil thoughts...

Critics of President Donald Trump say his thinking is shallow with limited intellectual curiosity. His acknowledged failure to read, especially issue reports completed by his staff, does not help his reputation as being overly impetuous. Somehow he may be one of only a few that feel his constant disconnected tweets are in keeping for the President of the free world. But as a campaigner, I do think he is clever and has an amazing sense of people's inherent evil thoughts. Consider his authorship of the following descriptions:

  • Out of Control 'Mexican Immigrants, Some of Whom He Says Are Rapists.

  • He is Going to Build A Beautiful Wall with spikes at the top, Paid for by Mexico, to Keep Them Out.

  • He says The Pope Shouldn't Complain--He Has a Big Wall.

  • Unwilling to Serve his Country, Says He Prefers POW's That Escape.

  • He Ridiculed Disabled Citizens who are treated differently under President Bush's ADA.

  • He Excluded the American Press to make Room for Russian Press in the White House

  • In Charlottesville, he said there were 'good people' on both sides of the raging race war.

These remarks and actions cut and cut deep in America. From charges of racism to attacking the Holy Father, to denigrating the disabled and the American Press, Trump obviously harbors some very mean spirited thoughts about his fellow man. But how much of that poison is just made for helping keep him in step with his frustrated and angry Base? My guess is most of it is strategic vitriol.

I believe it will continue working in 2020 for his re-nomination in the Republican Party. But he is being handed a turbo charger to this campaign platform above, with the following:

  • The Democrats will Try to Impeach Him, Which Will Fail in the Senate.

  • He will Fight Every Subpoena for his Tax Returns and Documents in the Courts.

  • He will Claim He is Building the Wall, which isn't Being Built..

  • He will Disavow the Border Crises, Then Blame the Democrats for it.

  • He will Continue to Help Putin, Saudi Arabia and North Korean Dictator Kim with an Increasing Isolation Away From Our Allies--which he will describe as "Fake Friends."

  • He will Spend a Record Amount of Money on Litigation and Advertising, Especially on FOX News.

If the market spikes up again and his upcoming pro-consumer announcements about requiring medical cost disclosure and banning telephone robo-calls, he could be unbeatable.

This is a very smart strategy for Trump to win in 2020. It is simple--attacking what he says is our out of control government; visceral--wanting to join the fight for what Trump says are our rights, and doable--it was done before in 2016, it can be done again in 2020. He seems to lie about everything, but his Base doesn't seem to care. They are locked in and will not tolerate any criticism of Trump. The Democrats are in a tizzy to get Trump, fixated on the left, and without discipline. But Trump does need another 10 points of electors to win in 2020.


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