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Due Diligence Governor

Post #63, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

Is Trump Still DeSantis Mentor?

Governor Ron DeSantis did not serve in elected office until he won a surprise seat in Congress in 2013. There he quickly became a member of the infamous 'back benchers,' considered too inexperienced and naive to compete with the most effective members of Congress--both Republican and Democrat. His campaign for Governor surfaced when he said the reason he was going to run was so he could support also inexperienced Donald Trump as President. For me, it was not very impressive logic for a person with such an impressive resume.

So, what happens? The Republican Party trashes their favored nominee, Agricultural Commissioner Adam Putnam, to almost everyone's surprise. So now what do we have? We have a Governor that needs to learn the meaning of Due Diligence on his mentor Donald Trump...quickly. Examples:

  • DeSantis says he wants to protect Florida borders from an invasion of immigrants. Trump threatens to send planeloads of immigrants to Florida.

  • DeSantis says he wants to clean the green slime from Lake O. Trump has not committed the federal funds for cleanup of Lake O.

  • DeSantis says he wants to help Puerto Ricans in Orlando. Trump repeatedly trashes the Puerto Ricans trying to recover from hurricanes.

  • DeSantis says he wants Feds to help with hurricane funding in the panhandle. Trump has tried to secretly divert Florida's panhandle funding to build a Wall thousands miles from Florida, that Trump said Mexico would fund.

  • DeSantis says he wants to protect the Florida environment with no oil drilling. Trump's staff says they want to drill for oil off Florida's coast except for Palm Beach where Trump owns property.

  • DeSantis says he favors free trade. Trump says he wants tariffs instead of free trade, which hurts Florida's economy.

Due Diligence Governor. Is President Trump still your mentor?


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