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How the Democrats Could Win

Post #65, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

People who know me know that I am almost equally disappointed in the two major political parties. They have jerked to the two extreme sides and I find very little to support in the Democrats or Republicans, as constituted today.

But since I have spent more column space on the Republicans, I will devote this opinion on the national Democratic Party and what they will have to do to win in November, 2020.

1. Selected a balanced moderate ticket. By balance, it usually means geographically, philosophically, by gender, race, experience, and track record. Above all, it should be candidates that are smart, articulate, experienced, and have unquestioned integrity. Two names I offer up as examples are former Senator Sam Nunn of Georgia and Congressman Lee Hamilton of Indiana.

2. Drop Impeachment. The Senate will not act on it so it is a waste of time. Trump would benefit from the spectacle. But if the crimes are real, as they appear to be, take up a Censure Measure in the House and pass it.

3. Moderate the Extreme Proposals of the Left--the Green Deal, Socialized Medicine, and free upper level education (all "The Free Stuff").

4. Support a Border Reform Proposal that has real enforcement by the affected international parties, and support among affected countries, churches and community organizations.

5. Deregulate Tariffs and phase in a return to Free Markets, including NATO support.

The only major area I have not addressed is abortion, since we will all have to wait for the courts to rule on Roe vs. Wade. I have always favored adoption and foster care, but with a woman's right to manage her life. Abortion is a personal decision for each American and their Creator.

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