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Process or Policy Experience?

Post #66, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

"Just get em outa here," won't work on this one.

Quick, what is the attribute most often mentioned as necessary for effective public service? Business Experience--He or she will run the government like a business. Or, Experience in Government--He or she will hit the ground running. They know the players.

On the Immigration Crises today, I would argue that Experience in Government is more important. Consider:

A person with Business Experience says that they will run Washington like a businesses. If a developer, that includes effectively managing processes. Get the contractors, hire the architect, get the financing, and make sure everything stays on schedule. Generally no issues out of your direct control.

In our Immigration crises, the flow of refugees just keeps coming and coming from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico largely because of government corruption, crime and lack of jobs. A business person might say, "Let's just use the hammer on them and cut off their aid. That will get them to stop the migration." The result is as we have seen is just the opposite of that intended-- the immigrants panic, and the problem becomes a bigger crises, as we have today on the border.

Now how does a person with Government Experience approach the Crises? The have representatives working in those countries to ameliorate the crises. They know the vulnerable countries and the key players. They know of their history, the aid provided by the United States, where it is targeted to be most effective, and what is strategic to cut off the flow of illegal immigrants. It is hard, dirty work that requires intelligence, understanding, and lots of cooperation. There are no quick fixes. "Just get em outa here," won't work on this one.

Is the solution to the Immigration Crises managing efficiently the process or is it, working with all the stake holders crafting a policy that will work? What do you think?

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