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Trump 1st Term Success and Failure

Post # 70, Bob McKnight's Political Commentary

This focus is after election, not before.

Now that we are nearing the completion of President Trump's first term in office, we have a chance to stand back and critically look at his record. It is important to note that we are talking about since he was elected, because before that his record and behavior was generally known and became "baked in" the election. I am inclined to agree with his own acting budget chief, former Congressman Mick Mulvaney that Trump was an awful person running for President. But according to the Electoral College, Trump won, so let's look at what he has done since getting elected:


1.The stock market is setting new records, and employment is at one of its' highest levels.

2. A few of his appointments, mainly to the Judiciary, have received positive grades from some.

3. He did inherit a border crises from Obama, and at least attacked it. Critics would say he only attacked from a fear standpoint for political purposes, and really didn't try to solve the problem caused by immigrants fleeing oppression, crime, and corruption in their home countries, cutting off humanitarian funding.

4. He did point out that in NATO, some countries are not paying their fair share of funding.

5. His uncertainty in decisions leaves friends and foes uncertain of what he is going to do next, which gives him added negotiating strength.

6. He has New York street smarts, is cunning, and has an uncanny ability to see the worst in people, places and things, making him a serious threat to opponents.

7. He has engaged a portion of the population often not participating in the election process.


1. He has almost constantly lied to the public since getting elected, making him, in my opinion, not believed.

2. He does not read, is not thoughtful, and has a very limited attention span, potentially limiting his effectiveness..

3. He is ignorant of the governance process and has little interest in learning it, again limiting his effectiveness.

4. He may have obstructed justice, according to the Mueller Report (pending in the House of Representatives).

5. He will not release his tax returns, since becoming President, which is an apparent violation of Federal Law (pending in Federal Court).

6. He has deeply hurt our long standing relationship with NATO countries and most of the free World, which was a strategic blunder, in my opinion.

7. He has operated in secret often without press access to his actions, which violates the historic American norm of public access to their government.

Trying to take a balanced view of the complex man, it appears that some of his results are positive, but his behavior and actions in achieving those results are often deplorable.

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