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Sanctions or Aid?

Post # 73, Bob McKnight's Florida Political Commentary

Do we need Both Aid and Sanctions for enforcement of our Borders?

As Floridians, we are very sensitive about the Immigration threat in Central and South America from countries like Guatemala, Salvador and Honduras. We have assimilated thousands of fleeing refugees from those countries and more are waiting on our shores.

The Obama Administration saw financial aid and support necessary to stabilize those countries and deter the mass exodus to America. President Trump announced last week that in Guatemala, aggressive sanctions would be imposed if the country did not do more to control their border. So who is right? As is so often the case, probably both.

We need to have a strong, consistent, and enforceable border policy. Walls are probably not necessary, except in critical locations, but people, equipment, and funding (all from Congress) are. Targeted and strategic sanctions might help, but they must be very carefully tied to the policy outlined above. The Trump Administration has no policy. Most of all, effective border control of Immigration takes close cooperation with Congress and the Administration. Right now we do not have leadership from either.

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