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Post #75, Bob McKnight's Florida Political Commentary

Trump now lies over 85%* of the time, knowing the press has to report it. Why could we not keep our doctors under Obama Care like he said we could?

* Source: Poynter Institute, Pulitzer Prize Winner

Democrats say:

Trump fuels his base at a typical rally with tone, hints, and tribal baiting. The crowd screams anything and everything. Probably a planted Trump campaign worker starts a chant the Trump has approved. The seeds of violence are planted. Results are a shooting where the shooter echoes some of Trump's actual words. Trump's polls tell him he went too far. So, he calls a press conference to say he does not condone the chants at the rally and told them to stop (a lie). He says he supports certain actions against guns (modest ones the NRA approves). He then blames everything on the Democrats and Fake News. He blames the recent shootings on guns in the hands of the mentally ill. But on February 28, 2017, he signs a bill making it easier for the mentally ill to get guns. Critics say Trump's real strategy is to keep control of America in white hands when the country becomes minority white in 2024. The base knows it.

Republicans say:

The liberal press attacks Trump, unlike any President before. No mention is made of the danger of the Immigrants flooding our borders and the Democrats refusing to fund Trump's Wall. These immigrants are coming into our country illegally. The press dwells on the abandoned children and the cruelty of the ICE raids. They are required by law. No mention is made of Obama being President when other shootings happened, like Sandy Hook. No mention is made about Obama lying about keeping your own doctor. Trump gave the Democrats over 2 years with the Mueller Report and there were no charges. They created a similar circus for the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh. Why is it wrong for Trump to say 16 years is enough for 3 wars--bring our troops home--now. We don't want to hear the left wing side and are so thankful a true American like Trump is saving our country.

And the country was evenly split before the election of 2016. How does an American decide who is right? Study, study, study the issues and the candidates. Ask hard questions. Here is the criteria I suggest you consider in our selection (in no particular order):

  • Security

  • Prosperity

  • Integrity

  • Our Constitution

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