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Post #113, Bob McKnight's Political Commentary

This is an attempt to predict what our lives are going to be like while we wait for a proven vaccine for COVID-19. It appears that the scientific consensus is that it will take a minimum of 18-24 months from today. That would put the date around the middle of 2022. That is a long time in the span of a world with so much advanced technology in place. Here is what I think we can expect in the meantime:

1. Social distancing will be in place everywhere--at gathering places, transportation, and entertainment particularly.

2. Video connections will be used for most social, business, education experiences.

3. Delivery service will become a mega industry around the world, and increasingly costly.

4. Government will be swamped with privacy issues, legislation, and litigation.

5. Liberals will push economic and financial redistribution of wealth.

6. Wealthy Americans will become more generous than ever before.

7. Astute investors will target return of populated businesses upon receipt of the vaccine.

8. Existing real estate will be converted to totally new and different uses.

9. Terrorists and tyrants will attempt to exploit the spread of viruses around the world.

10. Religious attendance will diminish in lieu of distance services.

It will be a different lifestyle.


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