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2022 Election Results

Post # 246, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Exclusive: What the country needs now are Republican Liz Chaney and Democratic Former North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Cheri Beasley to be the 2024 ticket for President.

For a completed election, the 2022 Mid-Term final results in the U.S. House of Representatives may not be known for another couple of weeks. That extension is not due to litigation. The delay is because our country remains firmly divided in almost equal numbers, leaving elections pending recounts. But I would like to evaluate my "Fearless Forecast" posted on this Commentary the day before the election:

Total Predictions: 16

Total Winners: 11

Total Lost: 2 (Congressmen Lawson and Ryan)

Total Pending: 3 (Senators Cortez Masto and Warnock; Kelli Lake)

Percentage Right: 81% (assuming correct on 2 of 3 pending)

I mentioned in my Fearless Forecast that I pale next to it's original author, John McDermott of The Miami Herald in terms of accuracy, but my prediction results are probably considered competitive for a student of politics. I find a more meaningful analysis of the results of the election in terms of public sentiment in the country, as follows:

  1. Contrary to the past, national polls errored when they favored a Republican wave. Other than in Florida, the Democrats did better than expected, probably because people were concerned about protecting our Democracy.

  2. With a few exceptions, the "shiny new gold" lure of Trumpism has worn off and "Trumpfunk" set in with the beating of Paul Pelosi and the findings of the January 6th House Select Committee.

  3. Senator Rick Scott of Florida gave the Democrats a surprise winning issue by encouraging Senate Republicans to propose taking away Medicare and Social Security.

  4. Contrary to historical Mid-Term results, the sitting President's Party avoided a "shellacking" and won some major races especially with the campaign help of former Democratic President Barack Obama.

  5. Separate from the developments above, the breaking issues were inflation with the Republicans and Abortion with the Democrats. Neither party had a good response to counter those issues.

  6. Defunding the police, crime rates, immigration and climate change did not really materialize as needle moving issues.

  7. With Trump's popularity in the G.O.P. now stalled, Governor DeSantis will bask in the national glow until next year when candidates for nomination will fall over themselves to announce.

  8. What the country needs for a fresh, bi-partisan presidential ticket with integrity:

President: Lynn Chaney (former Congresswoman, R., Wy.) Vice President: Cheri Bealey (former Chief Justice, North Carolina Supreme Court, D.)

Your heard it here first.



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