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A Choice

Post # 104, Bob McKnight's Political Commentary

Elections always come down to choices. If I vote for that person, I get this. If I vote for the other person I get that. This Presidential election may be the biggest choice we make ever. The country is pretty much evenly divided, 50-50--liberal versus conservative, Republican versus Democrat, and Trump versus Anybody but Trump. Let's look at what we get either way we go:

1. Vote for Trump, Republican, and conservative:

  • We will have a good, but not a great economy because Trump has increased deficits to record levels, and has done nothing about climate change.

  • All the Republicans in Congress will support Trump and his policies--there will be no checks and balances against them.

  • Racial and minority tensions will escalate into conflict, fueled by some of the press.

  • Nothing truthful will come from the White House.

  • Trump will deliver the first State of the Union Address by Twitter.

  • White, angry males will be the central and most vocal noise in America, fueled by the internet.

  • There will be repeated violations of our Constitution, with no court involvement.

  • The Senate will repeal all rules for decorum in the Chamber.

  • Rowe versus Wade will be repealed by the Supreme Court.

  • Putin will be the most powerful person in the world.

2. A vote for anybody but Trump, liberal, and Democratic:

  • Minorities will be given preferences and priorities in American policies.

  • Smaller, less influential countries will be given equal access to the world stage.

  • The court will swing back to liberal, minority leaning appointments.

  • Extensive government involvement will be directed toward climate change, labor regulations and the environment.

  • Government run health care will become mandatory.

  • Union interest will be renewed.

  • Women will stage massive demonstrations over repeal of abortion rights.

  • Government investigations will be widespread based on racial, minority, and social charges.

  • Democratic Socialism will be an accepted term to minorities in America.

  • Jeff Bezos will be the most powerful person in the world.


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