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A Deadline for Trump

Post #143, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Many feel that President-Elect Biden should not dwell on punishment for President Trump's alleged violations of law, while in office. It is very apparent that among Trump's substantial base of support, there is an attitude, "We don't care about the truth. We believe Trump." It is also clear that much of the legal accountability for Trump will have nothing to do with President Elect Biden, such as:

  • Multiple law suits filed by women alleging sexual assault and payoffs by Trump.

  • Emoluments clause litigation filed by states and businesses against Trump.

  • Multiple law suits filed against Trump businesses and his family.

This litigation and more will happen after Trump leaves office, no matter what happens with the new Biden Administration.

But what about the assertion by Biden that Trump's refusal to cooperate with the transition of power is putting Americans at risk during the pandemic? Keep in mind that almost 12 Million have contracted Covid in the U.S., and 250,000 Americans have passed from the contagious disease, while Trump has been our President. The complexity of disease detection, treatment, and inoculation of millions of Americans requires detailed coordination and cooperation between the old and new Administrations. It could be argued that Biden could be culpable for not forcing Trump to act to save these lives.

What if a third party like the Red Cross were to set a deadline for full cooperation by Trump with the transition? Failure to meet that deadline would leave Biden no alternative but to work alone. Trump (and his supporters) will know that in addition to his existing liability, he has brought upon himself the full legal liability for the additional deaths. It is up to you President Trump.


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