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A Disturbing Time

Post # 275, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

"These Times, They Are A Changing."

Singer Bob Dylan

But Maybe Not For The Better

With a scheduled heart procedure, I found myself seriously reflecting on our daily news. I have lived a long time and have witnessed a lot of surprises in our world, as have many of my readers. As they say, "What were you doing when...?" applies to the assassination of President Kennedy, the Challenger Explosion, The U.S. Hockey Team Beating the Russians, and the election of the first African American President, Barack Obama. I put the attempted overthrow of our government on January 6, 2020 as a memorable event as well.

In looking at the recent past, here are developments that have me greatly disturbed--what is happening to us as a people?

  • Our elected leaders at the highest levels of our government lie to us on a regular basis.

  • Many of us no longer strive to achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion in our lives.

  • Countries like Russia, Syria, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Libya, and Somalia are butchering their neighbors, without recourse.

  • Our government is criticized and attacked for directing medical care against world diseases and epidemics.

  • The Republican Party has abandoned many principles of integrity, such as smaller and local government, public education, civil rights, military support, social services safety net protection, anti-communism, and environmental protection.

  • Supreme Court rulings have destroyed integrity in campaign finance, media independence, civil rights, amateur athletics, and constitutional compliance.

  • The funding source of 9/11, murderous Saudi Arabia, now enters into multiple American ventures based solely on spending their oil proceeds.

  • The Democrats and President Biden seemingly block every attempt to thoroughly investigate Hunter Biden (and the President's) allegedly conflicts while the Vice President was in office.

In my opinion, these are not positive developments. I realize some of my readers will feel that I do not understand their opposite view. I believe I do understand why people are critical of liberals, Democrats, and the abandonment of historic principles. I understand the basis of two impeachments and two indictments of one man. I also understand what appears to be a double standard of conduct acceptable for one party, and then not for another. Why winning is important beyond the cost of integrity is something I cannot understand nor condone.

I deeply believe in our required study of Civics in education. I really believe that is where both sides have lost their direction, other than being untruthful. As said so often, by ignoring history, we run the risk of repeating our glaring mistakes. Volatile and disruptive individuals sharing what is supposed to be the truth does not help our understanding as a people.

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