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A Few Good Votes

Post # 136, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

With the election fast approaching, pundits are spewing predictions for the Presidential race between incumbent President Donald Trump (R.) and challenger former Vice President Joe Biden (D.). It would appear to this writer that the strengths and weaknesses for the two candidates might fall as shown below:

Trump: Strengths: Stock Market

Some Judicial Appointments

Sympathy for getting Covid

Weakness: Integrity

Minority ignorance

Government and policy Inexperience

Russian influence

Mean Spiritedness


Stupidity for getting Covid

Biden: Strengths: Experience




Weakness: Inconsistent



By most accounts, Biden is predicted in the polls to win by about 2-5 points. My guess is that it will be closer than that because most people polled are reluctant to disclosure that they might vote for Trump.

Also, if Trump wins, I believe it could be because of a few unexpected votes: African American Mothers that want their children to have access to government scholarships to attend private schools, with what are commonly referred to as "vouchers." Republicans have targeted minorities for expansion of charter private schools through public scholarships and grants, in most cases with race sensitive admissions. With vouchers, a Mother might find and maybe gain admittance for her child, to a private school for an excellent education. The courts have not definitely ruled on the constitutionality of using public funds for private schools, but it is a very strategic political move by Republicans to gain a small foothold with minority voters.



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