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A New National "Consensus" Political Party?

Post # 236, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Forming a new "Consensus" Party would not be as easy as it may sound.

To this student of Florida politics, one thing is very clear after the overwhelming loss of former Congresswoman Lynn Chaney to Former Republican President Donald Trump picked candidate in Wyoming. The Republican Party is that of one person and one person only--Donald Trump. If you are uncomfortable with Trump, his actions, his pronouncements, his lies, his intellect, his values and his integrity, your option is to select a political party other than Republican. Since you are probably conservative, the Democratic Party would not be a good fit for you. So your real option is probably a new Party largely embracing the values and principles of what the Republicans stood for before Trump.

On the Democratic side the split among the left and center is almost as pronounced. Some argue the chaos among the Democrats is that President Biden is not a strong leader in the mold of President Obama or even President Clinton. Ironically, a favorite potential leader among some of the Democrats is none other Republican Liz Chaney.

There are many people talking about a new "Consensus" Party, but there will probably not be a serious discussion of a new party until after the 2022 Mid Term elections, if at all.

If such a discussion were to happen, here are the principles and values the new "Consensus" Party would need to address to gain members:


  • Conservative

  • Patriotic

  • Pro Military and Law Enforcement

  • Non-Legislative Court

  • Pro Business

  • Environmental Support

  • Self Responsible

  • Respect Tradition

  • Integrity

  • Help Others Help Themselves

  • Support Civil Rights

  • Support Balanced Budget

  • Eliminate Waste in Federal Budget

  • Support Wall Street

  • Contract for Private Education

  • Precise Separation of Church and State


  • Support Civil and Immigration Rights

  • Environmental Support

  • Support Obama Care

  • Support Entrepreneurial Funding

  • Support Agriculture

  • Support Public Education

  • Support Organized Labor

  • Support International Peace

  • Support for Rehabilitation

  • Support for Women's and Minority Rights

  • Clear Separation of Church and State



  • Support Bi-Partisanship

  • Contrarian and Independent Philosophy

  • Support People, not Parties

For such a new "Consensus" Party to become a reality, it would have to draw Americans from both existing parties and independents. Some of the principles and values among the three groups conflict and even contradict with each other. A consensus would require strong and respected leadership. But it was possible before when there were majorities in both parties at different times. Perhaps the strongest motivation to look seriously at forming a new Party is a strong disdain for the composition and performance of the two dominate parties we have now.


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