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An Olive Green Sweatshirt

Post # 252, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

He could have chosen a dark business suit to address our Congress, but opeted instead to wear what Ukrainians were wearing everyday in fighting for their freedom--an olive green sweatshirt and boots. It was an important message from the people of Ukraine.

It was an olive green sweatshirt and boots. That is what maybe the most important fighter for freedom in the World todaty wore in front of the most important assembly of Americans, the United States Congress. Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the United States Senators and Congresspersons last week.

President and Mrs. Biden in dark business attire, welcomed the Ukraine President to the White House and met with him for several hours before his address to Congress. President Zwelensky was wearing the uniform he wears every day in his country's fight for freedom from the Russians.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi compared his visit to that of the 1941 visit of Prime Minister Winston Churchill to the Congress during the peak of World War II. Both made moving and maybe transformational addresses, thanking America for support, but also asking for their continuing help. Zwelensky's remaks could have been made in a dark suit. But they were not. His people wore clothes similar to his olive green sweatshirt and boots. If their battle clothing was good enough for his people, it was good enough for all of us supporting Ukraine's brave fight.

The seatshirt and boots sent us the message that Presient Zwelensky was all about the war, and he wanted to remind us that his country did not attack Russia. Putin attacked the freedom loving people of Ukraine, after giving his word that he would not. The Russians have killed thousands of their own people--Ukrainian men, women, and children. They have destroyed schools, hospitals, and housing. Many of the dying Ukrainians were wearing the same clothing as their President in Washington--olive great sweatshirts and boots.

It was an important and profound message for America today.


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