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Another Jonestown?

Post #124, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Trump is asking his base to risk their health for the renomination he already has.

Some things are certain. Donald Trump likes to be applauded by audiences. He likes the audiences to be loud and raucous. He really hungers for large crowds, packed closely together, and very, very noisey crowds. That is what he has demanded for his renomination convention as the Republican President. But his renomination in front of any crowd is actually unnecessary since he is unopposed.

Another certainty. There is a high probability that the deadly Coronavirus-19 will be spread among people that are less than 6 feet apart. There is an even better chance that those same people will get the virus if they also do not wear masks covering their face and mouths. If people do not wash their hands, the probability increases even more. Current statistics suggest the probability of getting the virus approaches 30% for people who do not take aggressive precautions of contraction. It is certain that Donald Trump and his base know this.

Donald Trump has told the Republicans organizing the convention for his re-nomination that he wants the crowd large and noisey. He has previously said that he does not want them 6 feet apart and wants the masks optional. So, if Donald Trump gets what he has previously said he must have--crowds less than 6 feet apart, without face and mouth masks, it can be argued that he will be some cause of the deadly virus possibly spreading to his base. Concurrently, if his base attends the event with social distancing and without masks, they stand a very good chance of getting the deadly virus. Said another way, Trump is asking his base to knowingly put themselves in harm's way to obtain the renomination he already has.

It is sort of like in 1978 with the Jonestown Massacre, when Rev. Jim Jones preached to his cult to "drink the kool aid." It was poison, but they did it and almost 1,000 died. Trump similarly is asking his base to risk their health for his personal and unnecessary benefit. In Jonestown, the result was death. Only time will tell in Jacksonville.


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