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Bent, But Didn't Break

Post #153, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Our 46th President is Joe Biden. I have previously mentioned that I have met and talked with the President in 1975, he then a U.S. Senator and me, a Florida State Representative. He was pleasant, engaging, but did not strike me as a 'deep' person. His 36 years in the Senate proved my intuition true.

Donald Trump is a twice Impeached former President. President Biden and other smart people might suggest nothing more be done with Trump regarding a trial in the Senate or any other federal crimes. For Trump, even if those threats were waived, his (and his family) most probable concerns about adjudication will come in the state courts. But I do not favor dropping any charges just because of his threatening personality and behavior. Let our laws dictate a verdict, and uphold it...for Donald Trump, for Joe Biden, and for Barack Obama. The same delivery of justice should apply to any and all rioters or members of Congress supporting the insurrection. Of the almost 150 Republicans that said how we voted didn't matter or count, many of them are running from that vote with the most ridiculous explanations. One, Senator Rounds, said yesterday, he really thought the vote was accurate but voted against because he thought so many people weren't sure and a recount was in the public interest. There may be a special place in hell for liars like Senator Rounds. Just admit that you were afraid of Trump and that was more important to you than the truth and your oath of office.

Now, the greater lesson from this four year nightmare: our Constitution was tested, it bent, but is still in place today. In two words, "It worked." I don't want to test it again like we just went through, but I'll be damn if it didn't work as written. Boy those guys were smart.

As for Donald Trump--as I have said, I saw elements of his appeal among some of my friends. He saw people mad at both parties, the liberal media, and their exclusion to other Americans based on race or minority status. It is also true that Trump was not treated like other Presidents, although he brought almost all of that on himself for more than four straight years. His Administration deserves some credit--appointing Gary Cohen in Commerce; Dr. Scott Gottlieb and Dr. Anthony Fauci in Health; Don McGahn in Law; and General H.R. McMaster in Defense, among them. Republicans in the Congress, with the exception of Senator Mitt Romney (R., Utah) and Representative Adam Kinzinger (R., Illinois) deserve no credit for anything. The failure of the legislative branch of government to not respond to crimes deserves a great deal of investigation, attention and justice.

It is now time to move on and hopefully have Americans working together.


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