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Bi-Partisan Leadership in a Crisis

Post # 108, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

It is said a crisis will allow us to measure individual greatness. That may be true today with the COVAD-19 Pandemic. I have discussed President Trump and Vice President Pence's response to the crisis in a previous post.

So let's now look at two Americans that have also responded--but with greatness. Both are governors of large states, one Republican and one, Democrat:

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R.) is the President of the respected Governors Association of America. He is a proud graduate of Florida State University and is a real estate professional by trade. He has led the other 54 governors as well as the millions of Marylanders through this crisis. He has not sought recognition, but has led by example. He was criticized for in turn highlighting the Fed's lack of preparation for the pandemic. But he said he calls em as he sees em.

New York Governor Anthony Cuomo (D.) has more citizens affected by COVID-19 than any other governor, but also seems to be most engaged state leader in the fight. He is present almost constantly communicating, encouraging, and imploring New Yorkers to stay tough and follow instructions. He is closest to an FDR type leader--always there, candid, smart, and honest with the people. It is said his sense of humor is greatly appreciated by his tough constituents. Many wish he were President today.

Some of the press is focused on fault now--neglect, poor management, assigning blame, or profiteering, all of which need to be investigated. But in the meantime, these two governors are leading us through the crisis, as great Americans.



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