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Biden and Iran Secrecy

Post # 298, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

The United States assists Iran in building peaceful nuclear, but Iran continues funding the slaughter of Israelis.

Iran is a bad actor. Their attacks on Israel are never-ending. They were the primary funding source for the Hamas attack on Israel last month, killing thousands. They continue to fund Hezabolath, another Israeli killer.

President Biden has studied foreign affairs for almost 50 years in our government. He knows the history of Iran. In 1979, after Iran took Americans hostage, President Jimmy Carter froze billions of Iran's treasury in the United States To be clear, that money was Iran's and not ours. Over the years, Iran has said they will use the frozen funds to construct peaceful nuclear power plants. American inspections showed Iran continued making nuclear bombs so America continued to freeze the money.

Biden thought he was being clever with Iran by slowly releasing $10 Billion of Iran's money but doing it in secret while only authorizing it for peaceful nuclear construction and shipments to Iraq for electricity. The Republicans have seen Biden's action as an opportunity to disclose that "Biden is giving Iran billions in aid." He was actually giving them back their money but restricting it for peaceful purposes.

Then came the Hamas slaughter of innocent Israelis on October 7th. Source of funding for the slaughter--Iran and other enemies.

Why is Biden doing this in secret? The Wall Street Journal said it was to keep the lid on the transfer of Iran funds until the election. This writer understands the complexity of the situation in Gaza. Especially now with slaughtered Israel fighting back against Hamas hiding in Gaza's main hospital with innocent Palestinians hiding for their lives. What is Israel to do? In truth, the slaughter of the Israelis is largely from the Iranian money provided (not given) by the United States.

This is a time for the United Nations to intercede and separate the parties to negotiate a peace solution. Multiple parties are at fault, and secrecy is driving the crises.



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