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Biden's Major Cabinet Appointments

Post # 119, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Disclaimer. In a previous post, I pointed out that I had met and talked to then Senator Joe Biden (D., Delaware) at some length. I pointed out that he is friendly, personable, but a bit of a back slapper. I also pointed out that I found his career largely wanting due to what appears to be his shallow mind and limited intellectual curiosity. In a word, I described him as what I felt was a mediocre candidate for higher office.

So, if he is elected President, he will have a chance to excel, but it will probably be because of his key Cabinet appointments. I previously opined that logic dictates he may well appoint Florida Congresswoman Val Demings as his running mate. He must win her state of Florida to become President. For those with the appointment check list that gets a minority women from a critical state.

Who might he appoint to the big three positions in the Cabinet:

Secretary of State Michelle Obama: This is probably the most popular pick Biden could make. The problem may be she is too popular and might take away from Biden's election, if it happens. The assumption is Biden gets a "twofer" in that former President Barack Obama would gladly help his former Vice President and his wife in repairing our obliterated international affairs. On the negative side, she has never held office outside of being First Lady, and the press scrutiny that comes with this appointment might not suit her. For those with the check list this gets another minority women for probably the most important Cabinet position of all.

Attorney General Sally Yates: Although not a minority of color, she is a very qualified woman who is familiar with the Department of Justice, having worked there for many years up until the election of Donald Trump. Many critics say more damage was done to this agency than any other over the last four years, so arguably it may required the heaviest lifting. Even her foes probably are confident in her industry and integrity, unlike some of her predecessors. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia School of Law, which should help Biden's relations in the deep South.

Secretary of Defense Colin Powell: This is a Republican who is really qualified to be President since he has already served as a Four Star General in the U.S. Army, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Security Adviser, and Secretary of State. He is among the most respected and admired Americans, and he is of color as well. Some might argue Defense is a reduction in responsibility. Actually it is not because of the mission of Defense and the conditions he is inheriting. His and Biden's selection of the heads of the Armed Services will lay the foundation for our country's defense for the years to come. Perhaps the one individual who will oppose this appointment is Donald Trump's good friend--Valtimir Putin.


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