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Biden's Running Mate

Post # 118, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Vice President Biden has hinted that he is planning on picking a women as his running mate for the Democratic nomination as Vice President. Most observers think that would break down to one of the following:

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Former Georgia Democratic Governor Nominee Stacy Abrams

California Senator Kamala Harris

Florida Congresswoman Val Demings

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms

The criteria most mentioned is as follows:

  1. Able to step into the Presidency with success.

  2. Has Integrity.

  3. Loyal.

  4. Smart.

  5. Tough.

Unpublished but important are that she brings diversity and electoral college votes to the ticket.

Virtually all the candidates meet the criteria of 2-5, but 1. is the major question. With the current public demonstrations over the death of African American George Floyd, the four candidates that probably rise to the top are Abrams, Harris, Demings and Bottoms. Georgia does not bring a large number of electoral college votes to Biden, but California and Florida do.

Harris brings more impressive credentials to the selection, but Biden will almost certainly win California with or without her on the ticket. Demings is personally impressive, a former police chief, but has very limited credentials and no foreign affairs experience. But Biden must have Florida to win. I think it will be a Biden-Deming Ticket.



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