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Bolton on COVID-19?

Post # 110, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

The temptation is to blame President Trump for much of the carnage from the COVAD-19 Virus. After all, early last month he downplayed the pandemic, suggesting it would go away like magic. It is reported that he did not authorize ordering COVAD supplies until mid-March, as he tried to avoid responsibility. He should not be faulted for wishing the crisis never happened because the nation's strong economy would probably have given his re-election a good chance of success. Trump said he bears no responsibility for the disease. Although he appointed Vice President Pence the head of a White House Task Force on COVID-19, Trump has usurped their authority and has made many decisions that appear to have exacerbated the crisis. Yesterday Trump cut off Dr. Fauci's response on an unproven drug Trump is pushing. But most of all, his continued lies sour me on any sympathy for the way most of the national press treats Trump.

But in fairness, if we go back to when the virus could have been detected, who was in charge? It turns out our Center for Disease Control unit dealing with a "Global Pandemic" was housed in the National Security Council. In 2018, new NSC Director John Bolton (under direct supervision of Trump) disbanded the Global Pandemic Unit, after its' Director, Rear Admiral Timothy Ziemer abruptly resigned. Most reporting suggests nothing dramatic was behind Ziemer's departure--just typical belt tightening and lack of interest among senior management above his level.

Since our country is under disease siege now, I think an in-depth interview with Bolton is appropriate. After all, Bolton probably would like to talk to the American people with a new book coming out. It is also imperative to hear from Admiral Ziemer as his departure was timed with the start of this catastrophe. This disease is now expected to kill millions of Americans--how and why did this happened to our Country?

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Miembro desconocido
06 abr 2020

COVAD - what is that? HA

Sounds like very poor planning to me and as a result the supplies needed to deal with this are hard to find - i.e. paper products & sanitizing products!

Me gusta
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