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Both Parties, One Florida Voice

Post # 137, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

I was contacted several weeks ago by a distinguished former member of the Florida House of Representatives, Speaker of the House Jon Mills (D., Gainesville). The Speaker said he was seeking former Florida Legislators to join him in creating a new Facebook page supporting the election of former Vice President Joe Biden (D.) He added that he wanted the group to be Bi-Partisan, which would have been very unusual with President Trump's lock down on most members of the Republican Party. Jon was joined to forming the group by another very popular member on both sides of the aisle, Senator Bud Gardner of Melbourne (D.). I told them I would be honored to join them.

If you search "Former Florida Legislators for Good Government, Support Joe Biden," you will find the following members: Former U.S. Senators Bob Graham and Bill Nelson; Governors Buddy MacKay and Charlie Crist; Judge Peter Weinstein; Congresspersons Jim Davis, Carrie and Kendrick Meek, Allen Boyd and Lois Frankel; Secretary Bruce Smathers, Comptroller Gerald Lewis and Commissioner Betty Castor; Senators , Rick Dantzler, Ron Silver, and George Stuart; Speakers Tom Gustafson, Lee Moffitt, Dick Pettigrew and Ralph Haben; and Representatives Murray Dubbin, Elaine Bloom, Dick Batchelor, Bobby Hartnett, and Sam Bell, among many others. These are some of the finest Floridians I have ever met and known.

Then I noticed some the Republican former members that were joining us, like Senator Paula Dockery, Representative J. C. Plantis, Senator Nancy Argenziano, and Representative Bill Sublette. They deserved credit for their courage and conviction. I know of other Republicans that I would expect to show integrity and take an independent stand on the election.

I am not sure if our group of over 100 members would be forming with weekly Zoom Conference Calls, were the President's behavior not so provocative, but I guess we can thank him for that.


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