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Can Trump Win From Jail?

Post # 324, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Trump wants to build sympathy, but jail may not do it.

President Joe Biden is running for re-election but is not polling well as an incumbent. Part of the reason is his appearance as frail, stumbling, and without strong convictions. He has been handicapped with similar descriptions over his 40 years of public service.

His probable major opponent is former Republican President Donald Trump who carries even more baggage than President Biden. Among the baggage are a rape conviction, 6 pending trials for almost 100 crimes charged and twice impeached. Most of his support comes from the tattered Republican Party that cannot function, especially in the U.S. Congress.

So, if Trump is convicted of any of his charged crimes and is sentenced to imprisonment, can he still win re-election as President? Trump has not relied on any real claim of innocence but rather has reverted to a strategy of being a victim of vengeful Democrat liberals.

My Prediction (as of this date) is that Biden's campaign will engineer a revised and moderately effective campaign message. But the big change will be the negative response to the Trump campaign as a result of his imprisonment. Although he has succeeded in exploiting his trials in the press, all coverage will be gone when he enters prison. His campaign will attempt to convey a strong campaign message, but I predict it will not be as effective as Trump's personal lying tirades in front of the press.

I further predict third-party candidates like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will probably draw votes from both major candidates equally.

Trump will probably receive special treatment in prison, but he will still be shocked by his loss of freedom and austere living conditions. My guess is he will panic and be largely lost to the public eye.


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