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Cancel His Visit Over His Hair? Nah. Well Maybe.

Post # 132, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Fact. President Trump lies. A lot. It seems more than not.

So it was expected that he would be accused of lies when he said the story in the Atlantic Magazine about his critical remarks in France two years ago was not true. He said he did not describe our dead WWI soldiers as "losers and suckers," even though it was confirmed by four different sources at Atlantic Magazine, and FOX News (not a Trump hater).

Trump was not helped by another confirmed remark he allegedly made to an aide about not putting disabled veterans in a parade honoring Trump saying, 'because people don't like to see that.' He made fun of a disabled reporter in his 2016 campaign for President.

Trump actually once asked General Kelly why his son would have sacrificed his life for fighting, and losing his life, in Afghanistan. I don't know how Kelly, Trump's Chief of Staff, at the time, responded to such a question. How can our Commander in Chief send troops into harms way when he does not understand why they would obey such a command?

One observer at the scene in France, said that it was raining and the President, who has had a long fixation about his blown hair, seemed overly concerned about storm. I know that seems like a bit of a reach for most of us, but a President that turns orange from his tanning bed might react that way. He is said to work on his hair as much as an hour each day.

I do believe the military is a real challenge for Trump. Why?

  • He admires the military mind set and culture--very similar to his upbring by his harsh Dad.

  • But he is terribly embarrassed by his failure to serve in the military, especially since the draft was mandatory at the time. He had 5 successful efforts to avoid the draft for medical reasons.

  • He is very troubled by his conflicting and changing views on the US fighting in Korea, Viet Nam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • It is often reported that he actually deeply resents his base and the military, who he thinks are not up to his standard in life and intellect. He has said many times he is smarter than his Generals. They are not his Generals.

  • He is a profound narcissist who thirsts to be adorned with medals, parades and salutations found in the military.

So the question remains. Did our Commander in Chief fail to honor our fallen heroes just over a bad hair day? Probably so....


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